Course Descriptions

GHSC currently offers seven curriculum modules.

They can be offered independently or grouped together in any combination according to your interest.  Course names and synopsis is found below.  A full course description, recommended course length, recommended audience, and general course goals can be found under each title.

  • Overview: Safe handling and Storage of Grain

    Introductory Course to Main Hazards found in and around grain handling and storage facilities. Many concepts transferable.   Learn more 

  • Lock Out/Tag Out Mini Module

    For use when audience is unfamiliar with LOTO.  Learn more

  • Entanglement Hazards and Guarding

    Identification and abatement of entanglement hazards; guarding principles; LOTO; Job Hazard Analysis. Concepts transferable to related hazards.   Learn more

  • Grain Bin Entry and Lifeline Demonstration

    Identifying and Assessing hazards; Entry procedures; using a lifeline.   Learn more

  • Fall Hazards and Prevention

    Identification of height hazards and prevention of falls.  Concepts transferable to related hazards.   Learn more

  • Agricultural Confined Spaces

    Identification and abatement of confined & enclosed space hazards typically found in commercial elevators and farms.  Learn more

  • Train the Trainer Curriculum

    Instruction course on use of GHSC curriculum  Learn more 

  • Youth Curriculum

    Three short modules designed specifically for youth and youth workers covering main hazards found when working with grain. Transferable concepts.  Learn more 


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