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training_photosYoung Workers Stand T.A.L.L. encourages young workers to seek assistance when needed to protect themselves from danger and to share with others information about worker safety.

Young Workers are particularly vulnerable to workplace hazards. Often they are unaware of the dangers and do not yet possess the decision making skills to accurately respond to a hazardous situation. Their desire to please an employer often prevents them from asking questions & seeking help. Not only do they need to understand the hazards, and what they can do to protect themselves, but they need to be empowered to speak up when they feel uncomfortable.


The Grain Handling Safety Coalition developed educational resources and training curriculum for young workers working in or around grain storage in agricultural settings. These materials were developed with assistance from an OSHA Harwood grant. Curriculum meets educational standards and is designed for presentation in the school, community settings, Safety Days, or for clubs like FFA & 4H.


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Curriculum Modules

Train the Trainer Webinars


Instructors are provided with all the tools to present curriculum modules to young workers including Train the Trainer webinars and instructor notes. Curriculum content discusses:

  • Different types of hazards which may be present in the work environment
  • Safety strategies to protect workers from exposure to hazards
  • Common misconceptions about the work environment

All curriculum training modules are available for free download by selecting the link above. To download materials you will be asked for an email address and demographic information. This information is requested as part of our grant reporting. We encourage educators to look at other resources available through this website also.

Before downloading and using the young worker curriculum, instructors are encouraged to participate in the live webinars as they are scheduled or view the recorded webinars at the links provided.

Curriculum modules include:

  • Powerpoint ® presentation
  • Interactive activities
  • Instructor guide & notes
  • Participant note pages, quizzes, pre & post tests
  • Evaluation Mechanisms
  • Additional resource information
  • Sign-in sheet
  • Marketing resources


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