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Free Safety Training

Join the Grain Handling Safety Coalition in the national Stand Up for Grain Safety week.

During this week commit to safety by setting aside time for safety training.  Register your participation at grain safety stand up. One hour of training during this week is all it takes to receive a certificate for Stand Up activities.

GHSC has made it EASY to participate by providing ready-made training for you and your employees in addition to webinars. Videos, training materials are FREE and available on-line.

Option 1 – On-line training “Overview of Grain Handling & Storage Safety” 

Learn more     Go to training course

Option 2 – Webinars

April 12, 2018   2:00 PM CST  “Reducing Risks of Common Grain Handling Hazards” 

Host: Grainnet     Learn more    Register for April 12th Grainnet Webinar

April 13, 2018   12 PM (noon) CST  “Reducing Grain Bin Entry Risks” 

Host: AgriSafe     Learn more    Register for April 13th AgriSafe Webinar

See the calendar for other free webinars during Stand-Up for Grain Safety week.

Option 3 – Safety videos & curriculum

View the 3 training videos (40 minutes). Provide additional information with course content from 1 of the suggested training modules below. Alternatively, use tool box talks, handouts, and templates under “Resources” to initiate conversation about the worksite and encourage the daily use of safe work practices. The orange titles take you directly to the video or training material or use the “See All” links. (Video run-time includes credits).

Videos – See all videos

Training Materials – (See All training modules)  Choose 1 of the options below

  • Reducing Grain Bin Entry Risks curriculum
    • Emphasize safety responsibility, the bin entry plan (talk about the worksite’s bin entry plan), the use of a permit or checklist, other hazards to consider, and a safe entry process. For managers/owners, emphasize the need to plan for bin entry including the development of a bin entry plan, ensure workers are appropriately trained, complete permits and use recognized safe entry procedures.
  • Grain Bin Entry Hazards
    • Use “Assessing Entry Conditions” section to practice identifying potential hazards and discuss when lifeline use most effectively protects workers.
    • Discuss barriers to using safe practices at the worksite.
  • Lock Out/Tag Out (mini-module)
    • Look closer at LOTO requirements and implementation, stored energy, training, and group LOTO.

Schedule a future training session!

The Grain Handling Safety Coalition offers on-site, low-cost training. Training focuses on task based solutions to safe work practices. GHSC trainers work in the industry – at commercial facilities or farms. They bring valuable real-life experience to the training and encourage discussion, problem solving, and “hands-on” learning. Use the link above to request a training session.