As a potential trainer for the Grain Safety Handling Coalition safety training we request that you possess:

Characteristics, Experience, Commitment

  • A passion for safety
  • Knowledge/experience with best safety practices
  • Real-life experience with handling/storing grain and/or rescue
  • Some teaching/training experience (it does not have to be related to safety or grain handling)
  • The ability to commit to 10 hours of training over 1 year

Skills and Equipment:

  • A computer on which to review training materials
  • Basic computer skills including how to open & save documents; how to “enable” editing on documents received; how to follow hyperlinks; download information; access the web; find specific web locations; create and type log-in information and passwords
  • Email access and internet access
  • A working knowledge of email including sending & receiving emails and attachments
  • Ability to complete routine paperwork and reports and mail them
  • A working knowledge of PowerPoint and presentation equipment (projector, laptop, laser pointer, etc.) and the physical ability or other means to use it.
  • Basic knowledge and experience using common hand tools (screwdriver, drill, etc.)
  • Transportation which allows you to transport displays and demonstration equipment when necessary
  • Physical ability or means to lift, carry, set up and operate demonstration equipment
  • Physical stamina and health to stand/sit while presenting training and mobility to move around training area as necessary
  • Ability to speak in front of groups of people and engage in interactive dialogue