Economic struggles – Farmers have higher suicide rates

//Economic struggles – Farmers have higher suicide rates

Economic struggles – Farmers have higher suicide rates

U.S. farmers are now struggling so much economically that they are killing themselves in staggering numbers

The stress and anxiety of financial worries and uncertainty can quickly become overwhelming. We may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to seek help – especially when we need it the most.

Good sources for help include your doctor, church pastor/priest, and the county mental health center. Some employers have EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) which often offer free services for employees and their household members and dependents. Some insurance plans have health benefit programs in addition to covered services. Below are some other resources.

Learn & Live – We can’t afford to lose another life.

RESOURCES:…/mental-behavioral-health/​  – resources for farmers with disabilities ​…/the-us-farmer-suicide-… – this article has resources  – has a list of helplines – has an interactive state map of resources…/farmers-under-stress/  – maine resources & other info…/ – texas resources, other resources links to good articles to recognize signs and manage stress…/OS…/mentalhealthresource.pdf​ – easy to follow information sheet on farmer mental health – signs & self assessment

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